WAVE 25 | Data Collection: 15-17 October 2021

Victorians' optimism rebounds and anxiety has hit an all-time high as it reopens

As Melbourne shakes off being the most locked-down city in the world, the latest national research by Bastion shows a story of a city full of optimism, fear and anxiety, as it ends what it hopes will be its last lockdown. Victorian’s life satisfaction and optimism both increased significantly over the last month. At the same time Victorian’s have a severe case of reopening anxiety as psychological distress levels hit an all-time high, and concern of exposure to COVID being the highest across the country. And it is also Victorians, who have complied with the greatest restrictions on individual's rights throughout the pandemic, who are now the most defensive of upholding their rights to choose to be vaccinated or not, and not to penalise those who don’t.  

The level of concern in the community remains high although it is declining at a national level. In Victoria the story is different with concern at an all-time high around the economy with 8 in 10 Victorians concerned about the economy, while health and personal concerns remain relatively stable. With lockdowns now lifting, it is a waiting game to see how quickly business bounces back. Will we see Victorians bounce back like they did last year, or will we see more consequences of the most extended lockdown in the world?    

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